•  Organic fabric mix. 
  •  Reworked silhouettes inspire an eclectic approach of the 1970’s styling. 
  •  An awkward take on retro classics. 
  •  Clean, humble indigo denim with raw, natural sheen. 
  •  Bright, simple running stitches are used as decorative highlights on denim. 
  •  Special attention given to traditional constructions inside and outside while details are updated with contemporary functionality. 
  •  Elevate the well-loved wardrobe essentials in a practical, comfortable and effortless way with premium edge. 
  •  Speak for Unisex. 


2015AW collection is arriving at July.

Yves Castaldi

Portrait of Yves Casatldi (missing)

“I started to play with denim when I was 16, I did all kinds of things about it. Broke the Guinness record, worked for denim brands, own denim brands, followed the denim circle from Europe to USA to Asia and I never felt regretted.”


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