9B1 St. Francis Street, Wan chai, Hong Kong   Tel: + 852 2528 3800 

Art& fashion Lifestyle: WDSG, Wan chai, Hong Kong


The new concept store offers a mix of contextual art and fashion selection on an emerging fashion destination on Wanchai (Star street).


About the Place

  • The shop name WDSG, (Wudai-shiguo), refers to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, the name given to a period of Chinese anarchy from AD907 to 960 that caused the downfall of the influential Tang dynasty. (Which here carries the idea of somewhere that revolution happens.)
  • Co-owner fashion designer Yves Castaldi and interior designer Ken Suen hope to celebrate the spirit of a good neighborhood by building an art& fashion destination for conscious minds.
  • Believing that art& fashion takes both intelligence and inspiration, the store stocks 80% fashion products (apparel and accessory) and 20% art works (great inspiration).
  • The fashion range offers 70% men, 20% unisex and 10% open to all collaboration section.
  • Brand/designer include U-ni-ty, Le Quartier, Atelier du Quartier, Swim-ology, YCHK, Levis Vintage, WDSG.
  • Antique-inspired furniture and utensils were selected to bring about an ambience of a 1920’s speakeasy bar.
  • The store was designed to be an art and fashion hub for art and fashion precursors. Themed events, and workshops were held occasionally.
  • The Store introduced a special “Meet-up” programs for loyal customers, which bring together fashion designers and artists to share stories and inspiration.